The most professional team in the real estate industry
in Japan and abroad

  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism certified real estate broker and rental housing management company
  • Japan Strong network with major domestic and overseas companies
  • Enrollment rate of real estate brokers and rental real estate business managers is 80% or more
  • Average more than 10 years of industry experience, multi-lingual support for Japanese, Chinese, and English
  • Increase in the number of rental management units for five consecutive years, occupancy rate of 95% or more for two consecutive years

Strengths of rental management business

Reduce risk for owners and maximize revenue

Rental recruitment by staff with abundant experience in rental management, delinquency / vacancy risk response

Improvement of resident satisfaction

Dedicated staff responds quickly to repairs 24 hours a day

Realize cross-border rental management

Multi-lingual, backbone of China's largest company

HomeLink Japan's Rental Management Department believes that vacancy and rent arrears are the biggest risks in leasing management. In particular, with regard to the risk of rent delinquency, the competence of the management company is tested. We avoid risks by recruiting tenants who are required to join a guarantor company when moving in, and conducting strict screening that also determines the personality of the resident. In addition, as another measure, we are implementing early dunning at the time of delinquency, leading to the resolution of most delinquent payments with the initial response, and achieving "zero delinquency for more than three months" for properties managed by our company.

Own profit at the time of contract (zero vacancies) < Smooth rental management (zero delinquents, zero troubles)

It is precisely because we are pursuing such measures that we are implementing such measures. Rather than recruiting "anyone can move in," we will make daily efforts to improve the satisfaction of residents and owners by having residents stay for a long time after conducting a strict screening.