CEO Hu Wan

After living in Japan for 20 years and earning a master's degree in chemistry from the University of Tokyo, he joined Morgan Stanley's investment banking department in 2010. Responsible for finance, M&A, etc. for top 100 listed companies in Tokyo and New York. During his tenure, he completed numerous transactions valued at US$1 billion, including real estate acquisitions. In March 2016, he joined Lianjia Group, China's largest real estate brokerage company, and served as representative of the Japan branch and head of the Asian market for more than seven years. Holds a real estate transaction specialist qualification and is familiar with the real estate and financial markets of each country.

Before I know it, 20 years have already passed since I came to Japan. The goodness of Japan is worth taking the time to fully appreciate, and cannot be fully enjoyed in just a few trips. Among clothing, food, and shelter, Japanese food and kimono are already highly regarded around the world, but I feel that there is still a lack of communication power regarding ``housing.'' Ever since I worked at an investment bank, I have been fascinated by Japanese real estate and have repeatedly invested in it. There is no doubt that Japanese real estate is among the best in the world in terms of quality of construction, soundness of laws, rationality of tax system, etc. However, Japanese real estate is still undervalued, perhaps because it is influenced by the Japanese culture of "wabi and sabi."
In order to disseminate Japanese real estate that is ``comfortable to live in and safe to invest in'' to the world from an objective perspective, I have refined myself and built a professional team. As the coronavirus finally subsides and the world moves toward peace, we hope that we will flourish together with Japan Real Estate, and we will continue to work hard.
In October 2023, the company name was changed to HomgRing Co., Ltd., and we will continue to cherish the most expensive purchase of your life, your home, for a long time, just like your wedding ring, the most important treasure in your life. We would like to continue to handle this issue in the future, and we humbly ask for your continued support and encouragement.

New Year's Day 2023